Cut Crystal bowl


Preparing to use your crystal for the first time is an important step for any crystal collector. Preparing your crystal for the first time means washing away any residue that may have stuck to the crystal during the process of creating the crystal piece. This is especially important for the use of crystal glass that is used for containing wine and spirits, to prevent ingesting any chemicals used during handling.


*24% Lead crystal is safe to drink out of but we don’t recommend leaving liquids in this type of crystal decanter for long periods of time.*


Removing Product Labels


An easy way to remove product labels is by using hot air from a hairdryer. If a sticky residue is still on the crystal you can remove it with a soft cloth ad some nail polish remover.


Crystal Decanters and Pitchers


Before using crystal decanters and pitchers, use these steps:

    • Fill with a mix of 50% vinegar or citric acid and 50% water, make sure that it is room temperature before pouring it in.
    • Let the mixture sit in the decanter or pitcher for 24 hours.
    • Empty 24hrs later and rinse well with warm water.

Doing this will remove any dirt or residue from production, shipping and storage.


Washing Crystal After These Steps


After doing all of this, hand wash your crystal using a mild detergent and warm water before using it to serve food or beverages.


We hope this advice has helped you out in some way, we always try to pass on our knowledge of crystal to keep the tradition of Irish cut crystal going. If you have any questions we may not have answered in this blog post feel to contact us on email or by phone. Alternatively, we try to get back to queries through our website and social pages as soon as we possibly can



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