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Dublin Crystal Gifts and Awards are now offering a crystal repair service for minor damage to your crystal. We can repair damaged rims, re-bond broken pieces and remove most engraving. We will happily quote you once we have assessed the item to be repaired. Dublin Crystal’s repair service is unique to our company and you will not find a better quality service anywhere else.


For more information please call us on 01-2987302 or drop in to our showrooms in Dundrum.


Prices starting from  €17.50 per item for general rim damage/chips (as in images below). All other items will be individually assessed prior to cost being confirmed.

See how we repair your crystal here.


Chip on Rim

After Repair

Repair Before

After Repair

(*Please note : There is a small risk of breakage involved with most repairs. We will do our very best but cannot guarantee successful repairs in every case and as such all repairs are carried out at owners risk).


Standard Repair Charge

Chip on glass from  €17.50

Cut downs on stemware from  €25.00

Bond foot to stem on glass from  €25.00

Chip on vase or bowl etc. from  €30.00

The bigger the chip, the higher the price.

Bonding larger pieces from  €40.00

Bonding small bag of bits minimum from  €50.00

Including Swarovski type items

Bonding large bag of bits minimum from  €100.00

Including Swarovski type items

Engraving rub off minimum from  €25.00

Odd pieces minimum from  €50 and/or by quotation.

All prices are per piece and subject to visual inspection.


Above prices include VAT @ 23%.

(Prices are subject to change. A full quote can be given once we see the piece.)